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BUS TRAVEL PRICES FOR STUDENT PACK (the package price contains):
Budapest0 €
Pécs, Szeged, Győr35 €
Eger, Debrecen45 €
BUS TRAVEL PRICES FOR NON-STUDENTS (the package price does not contain):
Budapest105 €
Pécs, Szeged, Győr115 €
Eger, Debrecen125 €


The departure time from every city: 29 January 2021 (Friday afternoon and evening, in several turns)
The departure time for return: 6 February 2021 (Saturday morning, in several turns)
We can organize departure from anywhere in the country. Minimum number of passengers: 40 people.



According to the Hungarian TSM system and considering the capacity of the busses, we kindly ask everyone not to exceed the baggage allowance!

Baggage allowance:

  • 1 suitcase (43x 27 x 61 cm = mid-sized dimensions and 18 kg!)
  • 1 ski or snowboard equipment (nothing else is permitted in the case, only sport equipment!)
  • 1 pair boots
  • 1 helmet
  • 1 carry-on bag (backpack, 5 kg!))


Exceeding the luggage size and weight limit is possible only in case of paying extra fee, this case your luggage will be transported by a separe truck.

Fee: 40€

Otherwise, the staff might refuse the transportation of the luggage!

The equipments will be transported from Budapest by a separate truck. There might be an increased waiting time for the packing, please be patient during this period.

We inform our passengers about the exact departure site a week before travel. Due to the high number of participant please stick strictly to the given time!


Distance from Budapest: 1250 km
Journey time: ~18 hours
Route: Budapest – Nagykanizsa – Letenye (enter Slovenia) – Maribor – Ljubljana – Trieste (enter Italy) – Velence – Verona – Brescia – Bergamo – Milano – Torino – Oulx (enter France) – Montgenévre – Briancon – Embrun – Les Orres

Distance from Budapest: 1250 km.

The time of travelling: around 14 hours.
Cost for cars: around 180 € (tax+fees) + 220 € (consumption)

Cost for minibus: around 250 € (tax+fees) +250 € (consumption)


Find the detailed route by clicking

Festival Travel Ltd. offers airport transfer for the following flights:

On the way there:
WIZZAIR (Milano Malpensa): 30.01.2021, 06:10
Departure time of the transfer: around 09.00 am from Malpensa Airport to Les Orres.
RYANAIR (Bergamo): 30.01.2021, 12:45
Departure time of the transfer: around 15.00 am from Bergamo Airport to Les Orres.

On the way back:
WIZZAIR (Milano Malpensa): 06.02.2021, 08:30
RYANAIR (Bergamo): 06.02.2021, 10:45
Departure time of both transfers: around midnight from Les Orres to the airports (in case of bad weather conditions it could be earlier).


The time of travelling by transfer bus is around: ~6-8 h (from Milan)
Price: 105 € / person (contains the transfer + luggages price!)
Extra fee for student package holders: 65 € /person

Purchasing the flight ticket is upon own responsibility.


Baggage allowance:

  • 1 suitcase (43x 27 x 61 cm = mid-sized dimensions, max. 18 kg)
  • 1 ski – or snowboard – equipment (nothing else is permitted in the case, only sports equipment!)
  • 1 pair of boots
  • 1 helmet
  • 1 carry-on bag (backpack, max. 5 kg)


A surcharge will be assessed for transporting a suitcase larger or heavier than the dimensions stated above. These suitcases will be transported by a separate truck.

Fee: 40 €.
Otherwise, the staff will refuse to transport the luggage!