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Tickets and parties

Buy tickets for the biggest party in January in Les deux Alpes!

From 21 to 28 January 2023, Hungary's biggest ski, snowboard and music festival, SNOWATTACK, returns to Les deux Alpes. Join us and party to our popular international and hungarian performers. We will be welcoming Netsky, Miss Monique, Borgore, Eelke Kleijn and Klingande, as well as more than 20 Hungarian musicians!

For the real Snowattack festival atmospherevisit the Main StagePano and Glacier Bar. If the party was not enoughexperience our unique hungarian house party atmosphere or party until down to our underground performers. 

You can find the exact program table HERE!

Come and join us at our incredible parties, buy your tickets now!😉

Here is your chance to buy a weekly/daily party wristbands for Snowattack 2023!

Weekly passes

VIP tickets include guaranteed priority entrance, a dedicated spot with its own bar and a limited number of wellcome drinks at the main music locations.

We offer you the possibility to buy the party wristband that allows you to participate in daytime and evening activities and ski pass in one.

Daily tickets

Saturday - 21st January

LA GROTTE DU YETI - 22:00-2:00 : Edo Denova

SMITHY'S TAVERN - 23:00-2:00 : DJ Juhász Laci; Palo

Sunday - 22nd January 

MAIN STAGE - 19:00-24:00 : Jam-i; Kutlo & Mc Fedora; Netsky

PANO BAR - 14:30-16:30 : Edo Denova

LA GROTTE DU YETI - 22:00-2:00 : DJ Endy

SMITHY'S TAVERN -  23:00-2:00 : Drop The Cheese

AVALANCHE NIGHT CLUB - 24:00-4:30 Chriss Ronson; Secret Factory

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Monday - 23rd January 

PANO BAR - 14:30-16:30 : Juhász Laci; Suprise Guest

3200 GLACIER BAR12:30-15:30 :  Chriss Ronson; Eelke Kleijn; Be Massive - Metha

LA GROTTE DU YETI - 22:00-2:00 : Secret Factory

SMITHY'S TAVERN -  23:00-2:00 : Animal Cannibals

AVALANCHE NIGHT CLUB - 24:00-4:30 : House Piknik

Tuesday - 24th January 

MAIN STAGE - 19:00-24:00 : Koósz Milán; Regán Lili; Edo Denova; Borgore

PANO BAR - 14:30-16:30 : DJ Endy; Jauri és Koósz Milán

3200 GLACIER BAR - 12:30-15:30 : House Piknik 

LA GROTTE DU YETI - 22:00-2:00 : Jauri

SMITHY'S TAVERN -  23:00-2:00 : Palo

AVALANCHE NIGHT CLUB - 24:00-4:30 : Sam Monori; Be Massive - Debecticut

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Wednesday - 25th January 

PANO BAR - 14:30-16:30 : Drop The Cheese; Suprise Guest

3200 GLACIER BAR - 12:30-15:30 : Chriss Ronson; Miss Monique; Indigo Theory live & dj sets

LA GROTTE DU YETI - 22:00-2:00 : Oliver Hill; Peteriko

SMITHY'S TAVERN -  23:00-2:00 : Lil Frakk + Fluor + Juhász Laci

AVALANCHE NIGHT CLUB - 24:00-4:30 : House Piknik

Thursday - 26th January 

MAIN STAGE - 19:00-24:00 : Jauri; Drop the Cheese; Valmar; Andro; Klingande

PANO BAR - 14:30-16:30 : Regán Lili; Andro

LA GROTTE DU YETI - 22:00-2:00 : Palo

SMITHY'S TAVERN -  23:00-2:00 : Koósz Milán

AVALANCHE NIGHT CLUB - 24:00-4:30 : Indigo Theory; Sam Monori

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Friday - 27th January 

PANO BAR - 14:30-16:30 : Snowattack All Stars

LA GROTTE DU YETI - 22:00-2:00 : Jam-i

SMITHY'S TAVERN -  23:00-2:00 : DJ Endy

Get your weekly or daily party wristbands for Snowattack 2023 with Paylogic!

Daily VIP tickets

VIP tickets include guaranteed priority entrance, a dedicated spot with its own bar and a limited number of wellcome drinks at the main music locations.

Glacier party tickets

Supplementary ticket, which allows you to participate in the Glacier parties. The ticket price includes a sandwich and selected beverage (mulled wine or beer).

Optional activities


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