SNA 2023 with sustainability in mind

If you're planning to go skiing this winter, we'd like to share some valuable tips and tricks to make your stay on the snowy peaks a little greener. So that future generations can enjoy our planet's mountains for years to come!

What's the point?

Whether you're soaking up the dazzling sunshine on a gentle slope or battling a blizzard, skiing is one of the best ways to connect with nature. Skiers are already seeing the effects of climate change on the slopes, as less consistent snowpack and warmer temperatures show how important it is that they - and therefore you - take more responsibility for their actions on and off the mountain so that they can continue to enjoy winter and the pleasures of sliding.

We've put together a list of simple changes and practices to help you become greener on the slopes!

What can YOU do for nature?

Support sustainable brands
  • Supporting these brands ensures that your clothes are made in facilities actively working to reduce their carbon footprint and provide ethical conditions for workers. Clothes are made with an increased durability approach, so they don't need to be changed often. But that doesn't mean you have to give up comfort and quality!
  • You'll find everything from skis, outerwear and base layers to goggles, gloves and other accessories
  • If you're ready for something new, choose sustainable options. There are already planet-friendly brands that are making a giant leap forward with eco-friendly products, using sustainable manufacturing processes and innovative materials to help you hit the slopes without harming the environment.
  • Use eco-friendly ski or snowboard equipment (e.g. bamboo boards).
  • TIP: Take a look at Store13 and Fundango for brands like these.
Take a bus or carpool
  • Carpooling, for example, is a great way to reduce your emissions. You can not only help the environment, but you can also make new friends.
  • Buses are also a good option, with many resorts offering shuttle services from nearby towns, and most ski resorts have dedicated shuttles to take you to the lifts from your accommodation.
  • Travel with us by bus to the ski resort, or use the local shuttle buses instead of a car on site.
Bring your water bottle

Bringing your water bottle is one of the easiest ways to remove waste from the slopes. You can easily refill your bottle at any tap, and there's even a foldable version so you can easily stow it in your pocket or backpack. Many resorts are removing plastic cups, so water bottles can be a lifesaver.

Bring your snacks in reusable containers

By choosing reusable over plastic bags and single-use packaging, your food will stay fresh and keep excess trash and plastic out of landfills. You can avoid the plastic cutlery offered by many resorts by bringing your cutlery.

Dress warmly in your accommodation too

Lie around in a T-shirt may be comfortable, but unfortunately, you're not saving the environment. It's winter, so put on a sweater and turn down the thermostat in your accommodation.

Take shorter baths

We ski, we sweat - simple biology. A shower is essential after a long day on the slopes, but don't take too long. An average shower lasts 8.2 minutes and uses 65 litres of water. Save water and try to shower for 5 minutes at most.

Eating locally

Winter resorts are often havens for independent and family-run restaurants. Local specialities, locally sourced produce, and seasonal options are delicious ways to have a more sustainable holiday.

Shop local

By shopping local, you can offset carbon emissions from transportation and reduce the amount of waste from extra packaging. Buying local also means boosting the local economy by supporting small ski shops and the local workforce.

Tip: Take a bag with you when you go shopping, so you don't have to take it home in a plastic bag from the store!

Don't litter

It may seem too obvious and cliché, but it does happen that someone forgets their rubbish on the piste or leaves it behind while sliding. If you have any unnecessary waste, whether a tissue or a chocolate wrapper, make sure to throw it in the bins provided. We know that most of the time, you won't be able to do this on the piste, so take it with you to the nearest hut or accommodation and dispose of it in the bin.