Snowattack warrior

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Join to the Snowattack Warrior-Challenge, which is only for the toughest ones!


Get the prizes or win the biggest award!


This time we are preparing with this challenge for those, who would like to push their Snowattack to their limits! Gather your team (3-6 pax), apply to the challenge at, send us your teamname and start the fun!

Here you can find the missions, that needs to be fulfilled in as funny and creative way as it is possible! Document it with a picture, put a Snowattack branded item to the photo (a sign, a hat, logo etc…) and upload it to Instagram with the following hashtags: #snowattack #snowattackwarrior #teamname #missionnumber


The missions of Snowattack Warrior Challenge:


#1 Take a picture with a performer of Snowattack – Soon… (5 points)

#2 Demonstrate a SNA-activity the funniest way you can think of it! (4 points)

#3 Build a snowman! (3 points)

#4 Show us your ski suit! Bring it on! (4 points)

#5 We are organizing a Bikini and Board Short sliding! Put your speedos on 😉 (4 points)

#6 Take a picture as high as you can! (NOT NECCESARY WITH THE ENTIRE TEAM!) (5 points)

#7 Reach as far as you can from Budapest (NOT NECCESARY WITH THE ENTIRE TEAM) (5 points)

#8 Brace yourselves for the SNA-Carnival! Suit it up! (4 points)

#9 Video-challenge: Sing a refrain from one of your favourite SNA-artist’s song! (6 points)

#10 Take a picture with the Snowattack-Teddy Bear (4 points)

#11 Come and join one of the SNA-Before Parties! (5 points)

#12 Meet with us! Come to the Snowattack-office and bring us something delicious! (6 points)

#13 Take a photo with a SNA-poster at the background! (6 points)

#14 Make us your Snowattack Team flag! (5 points)

#15 Take a picture with a dog in a necktie, a hat and with a sock while he is smiling! (4 points)

#16 Video-challenge: Tell us why are you waiting for Snowattack! (6 points)

#+1: Be the most „Snowattackest” team! Be creative ? (8 points)




Everyone, whose team reach minimum 10 points, can choose an SNA-gift from the Merch-shop up to 5 €

Everyone, whose team reach minimum 20 points, can choose an SNA-gift from the Merch-shop up to 15 €

JACKPOT (higher than 40 points)

  • The Winner Team will be our guest at one of the Sziget Festivals!
  • You will get a VIP-wristband during the Snowattack Festival for the entire team!
  • You will get a 100 €-coupon for Snowattack Shop
  • Other precious gifts from our sponsors!


Fulfill all of the missions, show us which team is the best, who can be up for all week and win the best prizes!


The Challenge is running until midnight of 25/01/19, dont forget to upload your photos until this date!