You automatically accept the rules and regulations of the event with the purchase of a ticket.

Since the Snowattack party wristband has been purchased, the Festival Travel employees will exchange the purchase voucher for a wristband upon check-in at your accommodation.
Visitors are obligated to wear the wristband at all times until it expires.
This will be checked continuously by the organizers upon entry into the Arena.
Visitors with invalid wristbands are obliged to leave the Event area.

For safety reasons, the organizers maintain the right to limit objects and equipment brought into the Arena area.
Visitors do not have the right to bring alcoholic beverages into the Arena area.

Visitors acknowledge that Festival Travel, Ltd. as well as Festival Travel permit contractors, collaborators, marketing colleagues (according to the relevant provisions of a separate contract), other visitors and other third parties may make audio and video recordings.
Accordingly, visitors by participating in the Event, agree to the recording and publication of their faces, appearance and expressions, at the same time, can only be named with exclusively expressed consent.
Inasmuch as a visitor is a public figure, they can be named without their express consent.
With respect to the visitor in terms of time and space, the creator of the depictions described above acquires unlimited, transferable and exclusive rights.
With regard to visitor relations, the Festival Travel as well as those permitted by Festival Travel have the unlimited right to display, make use of, utilize (particularly to popularize the Events), reproduce, publish, revise, make public, publicly broadcast and distribute the above without having to compensate the visitor in any way.

Festival Travel associates, with the necessary training and permits, enforce the conduct and safety rules in the Arena areas.

Drug use – according to the laws in force – are prohibited on the Events areas!

Festival Travel reserves the right to change the program!

ARENA: The heated coat room charges a fee and its use is mandatory (one payment per night, the coat can be removed)

The capacity of the arena is limited, please arrive in time!