Equipment rental and lessons

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  • Lessons

Professional equipment is available for rent at discount prices!


Why is it worth it to rent equipment on the spot?

  • No need to carry the equipment around
  • You don’t have to pay for extra days
  • The equipments are high quality
  • Can be changed on the spot if something not fits you


Our partner is: SKIMIUM les Orres 1800 (open: 8.30-19.30).

You will be able to pick up your rented items upon arrival, after you have submitted your ID.


We recommend all guests to take the extra insurance for equipment that covers the cost of damages or theft. The travel insurance does not cover these costs.

Differences in the levels: the softness, age, type, brand of the skis/board.


Pronájem lyží na 6 dní
Zahrnuto: Lyže, boty, hůlky
Lyžařská sada pro začátečníky
1 800 kč / 70 €
Pokročilá lyžařská sada
2 100 kč / 80 €
Profesionální lyžařská sada2 400 kč / 90 €
Helma650 kč / 25 €
Lyžařské boty900 kč / 35 €
Pokročilé lyže s hůlkama (bez bot)1 700 kč / 65 €
Profesionální lyže hůlkama (bez bot)2 000 kč / 75 €
Pronájem snowboardů na 6 dní
Zahrnuto: Snowboard a boty
Pokročilá sada desek
2 100 kč / 80 €
Sada profesionálních desek2 400 kč / 90 €
Helma650 kč / 25 €
Snowboardové boty900 kč / 35 €
Pokročilý snowboard bez bot
1 700 kč / 65 €
Profesionální snowboard bez bot
2 000 kč / 75 €

We recommend all beginners and “re-beginners” to apply. The best local school will teach you how to slide!


Price: 100 €
The lessons take 2 hours a day, for 5 days.
If you miss a lesson, we cannot guarantee the replacement.



  • Beginners’ ski school
  • Beginners’ snowboard school
  • Advanced ski school
  • Advanced snowboard school

The applicants will be divided into groups in the first morning (Sunday).


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