Equipment rental and lessons

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Professional equipment is available for rent at discount prices!


Why is it worth it to rent equipment on the spot?

  • No need to carry the equipment around
  • You have to pay only for 6 days
  • The equipments are high quality
  • Can be changed on the spot if something not fits you


Our partner is: SKIMIUM les Orres 1800 (open: 8.30-19.30).

We recommend all guests to take the extra insurance offered by Skimium and specialized for rental.


Equipment rental prices for 6 days
Included: Skis, boots, poles
Beginner ski set70 €
Advanced ski set80 €
Professional ski set90 €
Helmet25 €
Ski boots35 €
Advanced ski with poles (no boots)45 €
Professional ski with poles (no boots)65 €
Professional ski with poles (no boots)75 €
Board equipment rental for 6 days
Included: Snowboard and boots
Advanced board set80 €
Professional board set90 €
Helmet25 €
Snowboard boots35 €
Advanced snowboard without boots65 €
Professional snowboard without boots75 €

We recommend all beginners and “re-beginners” to apply. The best local school will teach you how to slide!


Price: 100 €
The lessons take 2 hours a day, for 5 days.
If you miss a lesson, we cannot guarantie for you a new lesson.


The applicants will be under constant supervision on the beginners slope, and will always have somebody to ask for help.
In case of interest we provide freestyle and freeride lessons as well.