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Bus travel to Les Deux Alpes!

Departure date from each city: 20 January 2023 (late afternoon/evening bus departures in several relays).

Estimated time of departure: 28 January 2023 (in the morning, in several relays).

For countryside departures, the minimum number of passengers is 40! (passengers will be informed by 5 January at the latest).

During the booking process, it is possible to choose a fixed seat (front row, next to the door, etc.) for 9 €/person.


Price of the bus trip: €125.


Due to the installation of the National Weight Measurement System in 2018, we kindly ask you to respect the following rules for packages!

Allowed luggage:


- 1 piece of luggage (43 x 27 x 61 cm = medium size) up to 18 kg

- 1 piece of ski or snowboard equipment (nothing else is allowed in the case, only sports equipment!)

- 1 pair of ski or snowboard boots

- 1 helmet

- 1 hand luggage (backpack up to 5 kg)


The luggage limit may not be exceeded in any case, while an additional charge of €60 applies if the weight is exceeded. 

In other cases, the staff will refuse to carry luggage.

All equipment will be transported from Budapest by a separate truck.

Passengers will be informed by e-mail of the exact departure time of the bus one week in advance., That time must be strictly held due to a large number of passengers! We count on your patience as there will be a longer waiting time at the packing area.


Departure from Budapest: 1095 Budapest, Soroksári út 48. (Malomudvar)


Distance from Budapest: 1250 km

Journey time: ~ 18 hours

Route: Budapest - Nagykanizsa - Letenye (entering Slovenia) - Maribor - Ljubljana - Trieste (entering Italy) - Venice - Verona - Brescia - Bergamo - Milan - Turin - Oulx - Montgenévre (entering France) - Briancon - Les Deux Alpes

Departures from Szeged or Debrecen:

If you would like to start this year's Snowattack from Debrecen or Szeged, we will provide you with the opportunity to do so as well!

Szeged - Les2Alpes - Szeged: €145/person

Debrecen - Les2Alpes - Debrecen: €145/person

If you book a student or ski package, the price of the package already includes the bus trip from Budapest, so you can upgrade to a rural departure by paying a surcharge for these packages:

Szeged - Les2Alpes - Szeged: €30/person

Debrecen - Les2Alpes - Debrecen: €30/person

Departure date from all cities: January 20, 2023.

Expected date of departure home: January 28, 2023.

We will inform our passengers about the exact departure point of the buses before the event in the info letter.

The minimum number of people for rural bus departures (Szeged and Debrecen) is 40 people! (Passengers will be notified of this by January 5 at the latest.)



If the country of destination or transit for the journey requires proof of immunity and/or a negative PCR test in connection with COVID-19, the FT will check the required proof of immunity and/or negative test results - or other proof required by the country of destination and/or transit - before boarding the bus.

If the Passenger does not have the certificate of vaccination and/or negative PCR test, or any other certificate required by the country of destination or transit, the Passenger will not be allowed to board the bus and will be excluded from the journey. If the Passenger is not able to participate in the journey for the above reasons, this shall be considered a failure to the Passenger and the Passenger shall not be entitled to a refund of the purchase price or to claim for damages.


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1095 Budapest, Soroksári út 48.

Open H-Cs 9:00-17:00

License number: U-001407

Phone: +36 70 339 6339


Festival Travel is part of Sziget Zrt. and Meex Group.

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