Krúbi is a 25 year old Hungarian rapper and songwriter, who won the Fonogram Award in 2019.


He started his career in 2017 with his first song “PestiEst”, which reached 2 million Youtube views. Krúbi’s rapping style is naturalistic but also meaningful. He criticizes harshly the Hungarian political sphere and sings songs about Viktor Orbán, Ferenc Gyurcsány and Andor Schmuck.


His first album “Nehézlábérzés” realesed in 2018. From the best-known song “Nehézlábérzés” becomes the banana Krúbi’s symbol, which is a recurring motif also in his new songs and on his concerts. The second album is “Zárolás Feloldva” (2019). With his self-titled song “A hős Krúbi” he won a Hungarian talent show.