The Hungarian rap band Animal Cannibals was formed in 1989 by three members (DJ UBY, Qka-MC, and Richie). They composed their first rap song in 1990, the anthem of a teen club in Budapest.


Unlike most of the Hungarian hip-hop acts that popped up during the ’80s and the ’90s, this group takes their influences from jazz, funk, and bands with a positive attitude and style. DJ UBY left the band in its early years, but the other two MCs went on and succeeded in becoming one of the most popular bands in the genre, mainly because of their eagerness (they often play nearly 200 concerts yearly) and because of Fila Rap Jam, a Hungarian showcase festival for extreme sports and hip-hop, founded by Animal Cannibals in 1996. FRJ later evolved into festivals like Offline Battle, Hip-Hop Mission, Radio Deejay Microphone Mania, It’s Rite! talent shows, the Routes and Roots project, and a lot of other projects that helped bring the genre to a wider audience.


The band is still active and currently working on new material.