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To participate in Snowattack you must have valid BBP insurance!


We bring to your attention that only Winter Sport insurance covers winter ski trips, classic travel insurance does not. To select the appropriate level (Ski-star, Ski-pro, Ski-extra) please keep in mind the destination country’s prices and your own requirements!


WELCOME TO HUNGARY & EUROPE: This travel insurance is designed for travelers to Hungary or to Hungary and then to other European countries who wish to have protection for the duration of their trip as well as professional assistance in medical emergencies or with legal disputes relating to negligent tort.
If you intend to take part in hazardous sports or activities or you will participate in competitive events, training sessions in other sports, you are advised to take out the Sport Plusz add-on for additional coverage.


THE WINTER SPORT insurance provides the following:

  • valid for popular winter sports: skiing, snowboarding, sledding, ice skating, snowmobiling and snow-rafting
  • winter sports equipment coverage for example ski and snowboarding equipment, skates, sled
  • increased liability limits
  • ski pass refund for insured accidents or illnesses requiring hospital admittance
  • covers the cost of a rescue helicopter rescue
  • full accident – illness – and luggage insurance


Type / person / price
Sí-Sztár for 10 days22 €
Sí-Profi for 10 days26 €
Sí-Extra for 10 days38 €
Welcome to Hungary and Europe + Sport Plusz for 10 days32 €
Air & Cruise Top + Sport Plusz for 8 days27 €
Air & Cruise Extra + Sport Plusz for 8 days39 €

Insurance conditions can be found here


Who is this STORNO Insurance recommended to?
For those who want to avoid the costs of a trip cancelled due to an unexpected event (e.g. illness, accident, death) before its start.
Why to choose this STORNO product?
Covers the costs of cancellation penalty demanded by the tour operator (restrictions apply)
Type of insurance: Storno szimpla (cancellation) insurance price for 10 days:
– Travel insurance + storno insurance: 5 % of the whole price, deductible of the Buyer as percentage of the amount to be refunded by the Insurer is 0 %!
– Only storno insurance: 8 % of the whole price, deductible of the Buyer as percentage of the amount to be refunded by the Insurer is 20 %!
You can take storno insurance only that time when you pay the first amount of the fee, later no!


Conditions of the Storno Insurance can be found here

Recommendation of the consulate service:
It is recommended that our citizens arriving in France for the purpose of skiing have adequate insurance: in addition to the European Health Insurance card (available before departure from NHA National Health Insurance) special supplementary luggage-, accident-, and rescue insurance is recommended because without this, the often considerable costs of an accident are the responsibility of the uninsured citizen.
It is essential to always heed the warnings of authorities regarding the use of the ski slopes, weather and especially avalanche danger, daily be aware of and follow possible official warnings.
We also recommend that every skier know the 10 basic rules of skiing.