Prove that you are the fastest, and win valuable gifts provided by our partner, Fundango! Come run up the hill with us, while the music is blasting from the famous Umbrella bar.

The Fundango Hill Run is a 100 m race with a 10% incline on the Cote Brune slalom race. 

Meeting time & point: 01.21. - 16:45, Umbrella Bar 

Everyday from 11 AM you can join the Fundango Team for a group skiing at the entrance of the Snowpark. If you want some assistance in perfecting your tricks, or just want to slay the slopes in a group with the members of the Freeski Maffia, you are free to join!

Will you be the fastest? Win with Fundango!

1st place: Fundango ski jacket

2nd place: Fundango hoodie

3rd place: Fundango beanie + scarf