You can register: – personally at our office – register online by giving your personal details (name, birth date, contact information). You will receive a verification of your reservation a few hours after you have completed your online application. You have 5 days after you receive your verification to make a deposit. The deposit is 40% of the total cost.

You can pay 3 different ways: – payment by card through our website (registration is needed!) – payment by card at our office – payment in cash at our office (forint and euro!) Your reservation will become final upon receipt of the deposit. The payment balance is due 10 December 2018.

Not only individuals but groups can register as well. During registration there are 2 types of reservations: 1. Apartment / room reservation In this case your group will reserve an entire apartment. If you don’t fill the apartment, you have to pay for the empty bed(s). 2. Shared apartment reservation Shared apartment reservations are recommended when the traveler/travelers can’t fill an entire apartment or there is no longer an apartment available for the desired number. MEEX will allocate the apartments for shared apartment registrations. Naturally, groups will stay together (in cases of registration at the same time/same group name). The VIP package is not available for shared apartment reservation. Guests who booked shared apartments will be contacted to eachother 1 week before to the Festival via e-mail.

Wristband is needed for daily and night activities. To participate at daily programs, you have to register at our program point, where our colleagues will check your wristband. At the event hall the security team will check the wristband. If you buy ski package, you could buy wristband only on the spot.

ACCOMMODATION PACKAGE: The price includes accommodation for 7 nights and wristband for 7 days. The skipass can be ordered for reduced price. STUDENT PACKAGE: The price includes accommodation for 7 nights, wristband for 7 days, travel from Budapest and skipass for 6 days. A student ID of any Hungarian University is needed! VIP PACKAGE: The price includes accommodation for 7 nights, VIP wristband for 7 days, skipass for 6 days, bedlinen, wellness, wifi. The VIP package is not available for shared apartment reservation. 

Two documents are necessary for participants under age 18: – parental consent form <<< – responsibility statement by a legally aged adult who will attend the camp <<< If the parents (or at least 1 of them) are travelling also, please record it to our office.

If you would like to make changes after you have received verification of your reservation (mode of travel, insurance, equipment rental, etc.), you can do so with an email. Along with your reservation number, write down the requested changes in the email and send it to: info@snowattack.hu. The price of changes to your reservation is 13 €/person/each time. Moreover, you can follow the status of your reservation on the registration menu on the manage registration tab. If you would like to cancel your reservation, please send an e-mail to info@snowattack.hu or come to our office.

According to the Hungarian TSM system and considering the capacity of the busses, we request that no-one exceed the baggage allowance! Baggage allowance: – 1 suitcase (43x 27 x 61 cm = mid-sized dimensions and 20 kg!) – 1 ski – or snowboard – equipment with boots (nothing else is permitted in the case, only sports equipment!) – 1 carry-on bag (backpack) A surcharge will be assessed for transporting a suitcase larger than the dimensions stated above, the fee is 30 €. Otherwise, the staff will refuse to transport the luggage! Exceeding the luggage number limit is not possible under any circumstances.

5-7 days before to the Festival, we are going to send you a very detailed info letter, with all the necessary infos about the whole trip, like: traveling, accommodations, programs, lists, etc. The voucher is going to be attached to this info letter

In every case there are 2 things, what you have to pay on the spot: – tourism tax (only in cash) – deposit All rooms have to leave money or credit card details upon check-in as a security deposit. It is 100 €/person or bed; a french bed counts for 2. No money is taken unless any damage is caused. After releasing of deposit it can take 2-5 weeks getting back the money.

Go to one of the lift pass offices and show them the picture of your lift pass number and get a new one free of charge, if you do not have this number you will be charged full public rate.