Information on the possible effects of the current healthcare situation

Due to the current situation we pay extra attention to inform our present and future passengers about the updates.


Our first and most important notice is that you can make your reservations without taking any risks.


The Festival Travel always follows the legal requirements, therefore we pay back the full price already paid in case the festival is being cancelled.

Cancellation may occur mostly due to the following conditions:

• emigration restriction declared by the Hungarian Government

• immigration restriction declared by the French Government

• ski lifts are not allowed to operate at all due to regulations declared by the French Government.


The Festival Travel pays back the festival costs of the price ( normal wristbrand 50 €, vip wristbrand 90 €), but the passanger has no right of withdrawal and the Festival Travel organizes the ski trip and its services in these cases if they cancel the festival part in the following way:

• if there is no entry ban to the country but in case of service ban of the French clubs declared by the French authorities

• in case of regular opening permission of the French clubs restricted by headcount limitations that does not allow the event to take place


We are not able to refund the admin fee.