Under current regulations, outdoor events can be held in France.

EU citizens are currently free to enter France and return to their Member State without quarantine after the end of the event.

France currently has a green rating, accordingly we can travel safely to the country with due care.

If France changes to “yellow“, then everyone will be required to stay in home quarantine for 2 weeks after returning home, unless they can prove 2 negative tests with credit 48 hours apart. If this classification gets launched before departure and our Passenger cannot undertake any of the above, our office will issue him a voucher in exchange for the “Yellow Country Guarantee” previously requested. In addition, you have the option of assigning the trip or cancelling the trip according to the rules of the GTC.

If France changes to “red”, then the organizer is obliged to cancel the event and refund the participation fees to the passengers according to the GTC.

If France’s rating changes to yellow prior to departure and our Passenger is unable to assume the quarantine obligation or does not wish to be tested after returning, you have the option to purchase our “Yellow Country Guarantee”  service by the time the arrears are paid.

In return for the € 35 service, our agency undertakes to issue a voucher for the value of the remaining package, in addition to the price of the service, which can be freely used until 31 December 2022 for all trips organized or event tickets sold by Festival Travel. The list of these events is constantly available on the website.
The request can be submitted until midnight on January 24, 2021 at the e-mail address [email protected]

If our Passenger does not request this service, you can only exercise your right of assignment or withdrawal according to the GTC.

This service is provided by Festival Travel entirely in its sole discretion, not as part of an insurance business.

By paying the advance payment, participation fee for the event, all our passengers accept the GTC and the Rules of Procedure.
By accepting the GTC, all our passengers accept and declare that:
– does not travel abroad in the 2 weeks prior to the event (from 15 January);
– has not been in contact with a confirmed Covid-19 infection in the 2 weeks prior to the event (from 15 January);
– does not have any of the following symptoms when starting the event: fever, dry cough, tiredness, breathing difficulties, by some patients: muscle pain, nasal congestion, runny nose.

If the above statement is expressly revoked by our Passenger or its authenticity can be questioned, the Passenger may be excluded from the trip.

In connection with the travel insurance and cancellation insurance that can be taken out at our office, the EUB also bears the risk of epidemic diseases (including Covid-19).

The EUB travel insurances are provided in case France has a green rating and the Passenger also travels to the event; while EUB cancellation insurances are provided for the case where France’s rating is green but the passenger is unable to travel even due to Covid-19 illness.

The followings are excluded from insurance services:

– Additional quarantine costs
– If the passenger does not travel because the Hungarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has classified France as a non-recommended destination country / territory -> in this case the organizer is obliged to reimburse the participation fee according to the GTC.
– If the passenger does not travel due to fear of the epidemic situation -> in this case the Passenger may assign the right of participation to another person; if you have applied for the “Yellow Country Guarantee” service, you can exercise your right to claim the voucher; in the final case, you can cancel the trip according to the rules of the GTC.

Before travelling by bus:
We will check our bus passengers departing from all cities with non-contact thermometry. If the body temperature of any of our passengers exceeds 37 degrees, the passenger may be excluded from the trip as long as he can prove 1 negative test with credit.

When traveling by bus:
Our subcontractors ensure that all precautionary measures that are justified by the public health situation are taken on the buses, so that the buses are disinfected several times before and during the trip, disinfectant fluid is placed at both doors for passengers (replaced if depleted), and buses are ventilated at stops.
Wearing a mask is not mandatory when travelling by bus, but is recommended.

On arrival of car passengers:
The body temperature of passengers arriving in their own vehicle is checked at Les Orres 1650 before arriving at the scene. If the body temperature of any of our passengers exceeds 37 degrees, the passenger may be excluded from the trip as long as he / she can prove 1 negative test with credit.

On arrival / departure:
We will pay special attention to the fact that only those stay at the closed receptions, who absolutely need to. We will set up more check-in points for faster administration, but please be patient in case of any waiting.

During the event:
Hand disinfection will be given increased importance as everyone can do a lot for the community with their personal hygiene, so more disinfection points will be available to you.
The apartment houses meet strict health standards throughout the event, in accordance with the French law.
During the event, we ask all our passengers to try to isolate themselves from the rest of the apartment and notify the organizers by phone if they experience any symptoms of Covid-19.