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Pano Bar

Europe’s highest nightclub, at 2,600 meters!
It is set up to host festivals with the most modern and expensive sound equipment now available! We don’t even write about it anymore because you have to see it and hear it!

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Umbrella bar

For 4 years now, the life of Les 2 Alpes has been colored by the typical Apres Ski Bar at the bottom of the slopes, where not only festival participants but also local ski instructors and residents gather between 17.00 and 19.00 to relax for another successful ski day!
To be sure, no one is skiing from here on out!

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Polar Bear

The most cozy PUB pub in the city center, where the interior wooden furniture and the polar bear of the mascot were carved by a Hungarian carpenter from Transylvania!
The best place for a pre-music concert in town, plus a large selection of draft beers on offer!


The real underground techno place run by a young English fast-paced girl. Anyone who visits here is guaranteed to have a terrific party.

Smithy's Tavern

The oldest bar in Les 2 Alpes also hosts live music evenings, beer pong tournaments and poker nights.

Mini bar

Drum’n Bass pub.

Le Diable au Coeur

he almost Michelin-starred restaurant has a 3-course fine dining menu for EUR 45 per person. Located at the top of the Diable cable car. The restaurant provides slippers so you don’t have to eat the menu comfortably and not in ski boots.

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Le Refuge du Glaciers

The restaurant is 3200 meters away and has a wonderful panorama of the Glacier and France’s largest National Park. The canteen-style restaurant serves basic cooked meals so you can have a delicious lunch as soon as possible and slip back onto the slopes.

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Chalet de la Toura

In France, there are Chalet restaurants on the ski slope. The tour is the largest of its kind on the Les 2 Alpes track system, overlooking the huge Snow Park of Les 2 Alpes. Their pizza is the best in the whole ski area!

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La Feé

The most cozy Chalet restaurant on the Les 2 Alpes piste system. Those who freeroll on the Challanceon course can hop home on a Plat du Jour, as this is the cheapest and most delicious daily menu!

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Hotel Le Sherpa

The restaurant in the middle of the city has everything from a daily menu to fondue to food specialties.
Its characteristic feature is that you can sit outside in the winter cold, as each table has a separate living flame heater.

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Doumes Lodge

Chalet atmosphere, outdoor tub and typical mountain restaurant environment await guests. It is located opposite the Sherpa supermarket.

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Crepes á Gogo

If you want to eat the best Fondue in town, look no further, this will be your place!

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Boris Burger

Fast Food, local consumption and takeaway as well. Quality fast food!

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Takeway Burger

Fast Food. The cheapest in town: 5 € per menu!

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Chalet Mounier

The only Michelin Star restaurant in the county. As it is equipped with only 5 tables, you want to book by phone at least 2 weeks in advance!

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